Food & Drink

Winchester has great food, but it's also an identity and a way of life. From award winning Italian food to traditional pubs, Winchester's restaurants are locally owned and operated, offering unique experiences to anyone who visits.


to satisfy all tastes

Winchester provides many options for dining out all day long. Quaint cafes to enjoy a carefully crafted latte, to delicious bakeries and organic juice bars. Unique dining experiences await with a visit to Winchester. Dining local has never been better!


Frozen Hoagies

534 Main Street, Winchester, MA

La Patisserie

30 Church Street, Winchester MA

The Gingerbread Construction Co.

52 Main Street, Wakefield MA

A Tavola Restaurant

34 Church Street, Winchester MA

D’Agostino’s Deli

11 Waterfield Road, Winchester MA

Lucia Ristorante & Bar

13 Mt. Vernon Street, Winchester MA

Fuller Cup

11 Thompson Street, Winchester MA

Nourish Your Soul

15 Thompson Street, Winchester MA

Swanton Street Diner

72 Swanton Street, Winchester MA

Black Horse Tavern

32 Waterfield Road, Winchester MA

First House Pub

528 Main Street, Winchester, MA